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  • Karnataka Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association (R) was incorporated in December 2010 as an association of persons registered with the Registrar of Societies, Bengaluru.
  • The association was incorporated to safeguard the interests of sponge iron manufacturers in the state of Karnataka. The association has been acting as a bridge between the Government, sponge iron manufacturers and various other stakeholders involved in the manufacturing of sponge iron.
  • The association has represented the interests of its member units at various forum and has acted as a catalyst in the sustained growth of the sponge iron industry. The association has also aided the Government and its agencies in implementing various social causes which benefit the society at large.

To promote and advance the interests of the sponge iron manufacturing industry in Karnataka. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth, innovation, and responsible practices within the sector. Our aim is to represent and support our members while advocating for the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and quality in the production of sponge iron.


To lead the sponge iron manufacturing industry towards a sustainable and prosperous future. We envision an industry characterized by innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, contributing significantly to economic growth. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change, shaping the industry's trajectory towards a more sustainable and globally competitive future

Managing Committee

T Srinivasa Rao


L Sai Prasad Reddy


K Yellaiah


S P Venkatesh

Vice - President

E Srinivas

Vice - President

Mukesh Kumar Goel

Vice - President

R V Onkar

Chairman -
Advisory Committee

P V S Rao

Vice Chairman -
Advisory Committee

Kailash Vyas

Advisor -
Advisory Committee

G Ramu

Advisor -
Advisory Committee

Sandeep Kumar

Advisor -
Advisory Committee


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